How It Works
After Kyphoplasty



Step 1: Balloon Placement

With a hollow instrument, a narrow pathway is made into the fractured bone. A small orthopaedic balloon is guided through the instrument into the vertebra. The incision site is approximately 1 cm in length.

Kyphoplasty - Step 1
Step 2: Full inflation

Next, the balloon is carefully inflated in an attempt to raise the collapsed vertebra and return it to its normal position.

Kyphoplasty - Step 2
Step 3: Void created within the vertebral body

Once the vertebra is in the correct position, the balloon is deflated and removed. This process creates a void (space) within the vertebral body. The void functions as a “container” for the bone cement.

Kyphoplasty - Step 3
Step 4: Filling the cavity with cement

The void is filled with bone cement to stabilize the fracture.

Kyphoplasty - Step 4
Step 5: Internal cast

The cement forms an internal cast that holds the vertebra in place. Generally, the procedure is done on both sides of the vertebra.

Kyphoplasty - Step 5


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