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Partial Knee
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Four Variations



Quad Sparing


1. Smaller Incision

2. Less Rehab

3. Less Pain

4. Less Hospital Stay

5. Quicker Recovery


Different Approaches to the Knee

The quad sparing approach is a revolutionary way of placing a knee replacement.In all other knee replacement operations, the muscle on the front of the thigh has to be cut in order to expose the knee and place the components.  With the quad sparing approach, a small incision is made and the quad muscle is never violated.  This decreases rehab time, decreases pain, decreases time in the hospital, gives a quicker and more painless range of motion,and get patient's back to regular activities more quickly.  Patients may be out of the hospital in 24 to 48 hours and return to work in less than two weeks in some instances.  This has become the most common way of replacing the knee for Dr. Allison but cannot be done on extremely large patients.




The most common type of approach to knee replacement used by

Dr. Allison.



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Traditional Incision

Traditional Incision for knee surgery


Quad Sparing Incision

Quad Sparing Incision for knee surgery

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