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Unicompartmental knee arthoplasty or partial knee replacement is a less invasive surgery in which only one part of the knee is replaced.  In a standard knee replacement, the entire knee is replaced so that no part of the original knee remains.  In a partial knee replacement, only one compartment of the knee is replaced and all of the patient's original ligaments remain.


Only certain patients are candidates  for this type of surgery.  For example, if your knee only has arthritis on the inside area and not on the outside or under the knee cap then you would be a good candidate.  This is a much less invasive way of replacing this joint.  Since the area to be replaced is smaller, the incision is smaller. The quad muscle is never invaded, and, therefore, the recovery is much quicker.  These patients return the regular activities and back to work sooner.  The hospital stay is shorter and they can be done on an outpatient basis in some instances.  These patients walk immediately after surgery and have much shorter physical therapy protocols. A simple x-ray and physical exam are all that is needed to see if this procedure is appropriate for you.


Doctor Allison has used this type of replacement in many younger patients to keep them active and pain free in their working years.  Most of these patients have been told that they were too young for conventional knee replacement and were left with daily pain.


Doctor Allison also prefers this operation in elderly patients who may not be able to perform the strenuous rehabilitation or hospitalization of standard total knee replacement.


Doctor Allison is considered the leader in unicompartmental arthoplasty in the state of Arkansas and has placed more of these than any other physician.

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Arthritic Knee


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